RepairPal & CarMax Trusted Shop

CarMax wants to make your driving life easier. That’s why they’ve partnered with RepairPal’s nationwide network of trusted repair shops.*  As a certified service center we strive for a better car care experience marked by quality, transparency, and trust.

Here are some benefits of using us as a RepairPal shop.

1. We’re trustworthy and competent

As a CarMax car owner, you should be able to trust your mechanic to do the job right at a fair price.

RepairPal certified shops are rigorously screened for quality, tools, training, and fair pricing, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands when you drop it off. And we offer at least a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on our work (some offer longer ones), so in case something goes wrong with the repair, you know it’ll be taken care of.**

2. MaxCare® customers: They can save you money

If you purchased a MaxCare extended service plan when you bought your car, there’s even better news. By taking your vehicle to a RepairPal certified shop for work covered by your MaxCare service plan, you can save $50 off your deductible.^

All the other benefits of MaxCare are included, as well, including rental car reimbursement when you have to leave the car overnight or longer (because it is inoperable or unsafe to drive), up to $40 a day for seven days for any one breakdown.***

3. You can get an estimate online

You can always get an estimate on RepairPal for your repairs or maintenance through the Fair Price Estimator. This way, you don’t have to worry about how much your issue will cost — you’ll have a good idea before you even take your car in!

All certified shops will honor that estimate range, so your repair will be done at a solid price and in a timely fashion.****

4. You can learn more about your car

RepairPal also has tons of information on common problems, symptoms of failing auto parts, how-to guides for simple fixes, and other advice articles. You can use these to learn more about your car’s issue and potential repairs.

Fore more information visit the CarMax’s website or RepairPal’s website!

* These certified shops are not owned or controlled by CarMax; they’re third-party facilities that have been thoroughly vetted by the automotive experts at RepairPal. They’re committed to a transparent, stress-free repair experience. RepairPal certified shops do not perform repairs under CarMax’s Limited Warranty, and they are not necessarily affiliated with specific vehicle manufacturers. CarMax receives compensation for its relationship with RepairPal.
** The minimum 12-month/12,000-mile warranty is provided by the RepairPal certified shop, and is subject to exclusions, including, but not limited to, normal wear and tear items (such as tires, brake pads, clutches, wiper blades, etc.), wheel alignments, and scheduled maintenance. For additional details, terms, and conditions, please refer to your selected RepairPal certified shop’s warranty at the time of purchase. Repairs must be registered to be eligible for warranty claims. Register your repair at CarMax is not responsible for the warranty, the repair guarantee, or any charges or costs pertaining to the repair of your vehicle.
^ The $50 deductible reduction does not apply for MaxCare policies purchased in Washington and Oregon.
*** Not everything is covered by your MaxCare plan. For example, wear items such as batteries and wiper blades aren’t covered by MaxCare, and issues caused by abuse or misuse won’t be covered. See your MaxCare contract for a full list of exclusions and other details.
**** If a RepairPal Certified Shop does not honor the estimated range, please contact RepairPal. RepairPal will certify the repair performed, the estimated range, and the price charged, and will refund any difference in price.